Known Conflicts and Limitations

  • Classic Shell ( and Classic Start 8 ( conflict with ActiveWord substitutions.
  • Webroot security software may block ActiveWords keyboard monitoring in Internet browsers, especially if you use a Webroot browser Addin/Extension. Check support for your Webroot product for instructions to set a program exception. Set this file to “Allow:” C:\Program Files (x86)\ActiveWords 4\ActiveWords.exe”.
  • Malwarebytes is known to periodically remove files from the ActiveWords Program Folder. We recommend Malwarebytes users whitelist the ActiveWords Program Folder. The default location is “C:\Program Files (x86)\ActiveWords 4\.”
  • MacroExpress may interfere with ActiveWords keyboard monitoring and may cause the simulated depression of the Shift key.
  • Programs that monitor the keyboard and/or mouse may interfere with ActiveWords keyboard monitoring.
  • A temporary delay in keyboard and mouse responsive may be seen on ActiveWords startup if you have SnagIt running. If you experience this problem please contact support.
  • Images within Substitute Content Actions may not appear in the triggered result depending on the image formats an application accepts. Wordpad running on Windows 7 is one such application. If your application supports formatted content and is not accepting images included in Substitute Content Actions, please contact support to let us know.