Change Log

Here you can see the changes we've made and download our latest public release of ActiveWords or if you like trying the latest updates before everyone else you can download our latest beta, tell us what you think and help us make a great product.

In order to use ActiveWords, you will need a license. If you don't have a license you can register for our FREE 60 day trial.


  • Fixed a crash opening Action Pad in different locale.


  • New Quick Edit - quickly edit 1 or more Actions.

  • Fixed issue importing CSV files.

  • Fixed System Tray icon visability on Windows 11.

  • Fixed Words list in Left hand panel.


  • Fix installing on Windows Server 2016/2019.

  • Fix crash with Action Pad and Windows Search.

  • Update third party components.

  • Security updates.


  • Fixed an issue preventing install on some machines.


  • Fix issue when creating new Launch Program Action and clicking the Current button to get path.

  • Improved Action Pad responsiveness. You can now trigger an Action with the Enter or Return key before the list appears.

  • Improved speed showing Action description next to icon.

  • Added new ActiveWord 'edit' to quickly edit any existing Action.

  • When database is more recent, prompt to upgrade ActiveWords.


  • Windows Server 2016 depreciation warning.

  • Fix URL validation check when editing an Action.


  • Fix URL validation check when editing an Action.


  • Fix issue where single character ActiveWords were not showing in Action Pad

  • Fixed issue when user name has accented characters (eg ä, č, ß) in path preventing upgrade.

  • Better detection if Windows Search service running.


  • Fix crash when Windows Search service is not running.


  • Turbo charged the Action Pad. To configure use Options, Action Pad. Now it's fast and easy to find any Folder and any item on your Windows Start Menu without needing to create an ActiveWord. Fully integrates Windows Search.

  • Simplify Adding and Removing License.

  • Fix issue importing from read only folder.

  • Fix issue entering accented characters in Windows Search and some other third party apps.

  • Database security updates to help keep your data secure.


  • Fix issues with Auto Disable. Remote desktop clients, Citrix, N-Able, Microsoft Rremote Desktop etc.


  • Fixed an issue creating a new folder action from context menu when folder contains special characters.

  • Fixed an issue when {ActionText} is used in url

  • Fixed an issue with an apostrophe in folder path name

  • Fixed an issue when accented characters (eg ä, č, ß) are used to trigger words.

  • Update third party UI and security components


  • Fixed a script issue which uses ${input ...}

  • Update third party UI and security components

  • Update copyright information


  • Database security updates to help keep your data secure


  • Security updates and code signing

  • Update third party UI components and security components


  • Fixed importing certain CSV files.

  • Update third party UI components and security components


  • Fixed issue where some keys held down in particular contexts would not repeat as expected.

  • Fixed crash when using specific keyboard navigation sequences.

  • Updated third party user interface and security components.


  • Shared ActiveWords - When exiting ActiveWords after editing an external database, the license applied to the external database will be automatically deactivated if not deactivated manually by the user.

  • Fixed bug in Tag Action counts.


  • Added Microsoft Windows components to installer to address cases where they have not been updated on a particular Windows PC.



  • Improved substitution reliability within Universal Apps.

  • Updated third party components.

  • Fixed bugs when adding and deleting Tags, keyboard navigation through dialogs, and editing.

  • Fixed bugs where context menus would appear in the wrong location.

  • Fixed bug where global search box on List View may not appear.



  • Updated third party components.

  • Fixed issue importing version 3 databases.

  • Improved processing of ActiveWords Hotkeys.



  • Stability and security improvements.

  • Updated third party components.

  • Fixed issue with ActionPad.

  • Fixed issue where new URL action would not be processed correctly.



  • Various bug fixes and stability improvements.

  • Updated third party components.



  • Various bug fixes and stability improvements.



  • É and é are substituted correctly for all languages.

  • Fixed issue with ActionPad.

  • Updated third party components.

  • Extended logging to improve diagnostics.



  • Further Stability improvements



  • Stability improvements.



  • Fixed an issue where ActiveWords would occasionally stop monitoring when application focus changed.



  • Improved performance and tracking of modifier keys (Left and Right Shift, Alt, Ctrl).

  • Extended Text Monitor font sizes.

  • Fixed bug with Shared ActiveWords.

  • Fixed Window 10 notifications.

  • Fixed a Hotkeys bug.

  • Fixed occasional crash when importing awdb files.



  • Fixed issue with Right Alt/AltGr key experienced by some users with certain language settings.

  • Fixed issue with Control key getting stuck for some users when running Microsoft Remote Desktop.

  • Fixed issue with ActiveWords and Hyper-V.



  • Added {WinSave} and {WinRestore} to the scripting language. These commands allow you to store a window context within a script, then return to that context later in the script.

  • Added “Check Now” button for software updates on the Preferences tab of the Options dialog.

  • Added {blockinput [on/off]} to the scripting language. This command allows scripts to block user keyboard and mouse input during script operation. If {blockinput on} is included without {blockinput off} keyboard and mouse input will stop being blocked upon completion of script execution.



  • Added a message box to the Scripting language: ${ShowMessage “title”, “message”}. Use this to pop up a message for the user during a script operation.

  • Updated third party components.

  • ActiveWords now auto-detects database problems and prompts to restore a database backup.

  • Resolved issue where some users were receiving “database locked” or “file is not a database” message upon database upgrade.

  • Fixed issue where added, edited, or deleted Actions may not save if background process did not complete.

  • Cursor icon now reverts from hourglass to pointer after a process completes.

  • Fixed issue where ActiveWords would close if the default cloud folder did not exist when the Sync folder was changed.

  • Resolved issue where ActiveWords would not start normally if Windows 10 Notifications were fully disabled.

  • Changed ActionPad suggestions to sort most used first in the list.

  • Fixed crash when selecting “Launch Windows Store App” from the Add ActiveWords menu.

  • Will now show error message and identify row number if CSV import fails.



  • Fixed issue where added, edited, or deleted Actions would not save if background process did not complete.

  • Cursor icon now reliably reverts from hourglass to pointer after a process completes.

  • Fixed issue where ActiveWords would close if the default cloud folder did not exist when the Sync folder was changed.

  • Resolved issue where ActiveWords would not start normally if Windows 10 Notifications were fully disabled.

  • Resolved problem where some users occasionally receive a “file is not a database” error.

  • Fixed ActionPad suggestions so they sort most used first in the list.



  • Resolved problem where some users occasionally receive a “file is not a database” error.

  • Fixed ActionPad suggestions so they sort most used first in the list.



  • If we were into naming our releases, we would name this one “Snappy.” We have been focusing on improving the responsiveness of viewing, searching, and editing. “Snappy” is the result.

  • User is now prompted to Edit or Cancel when Saving a newly created Action that already exists.

  • Fixed issue in an Outlook email view where backspaces were sent when triggering an Action resulting in messages being sent to the Archive folder (this is an Outlook “feature” that required ActiveWords to be aware of the current specific context).

  • Keyboard response improved with large databases.

  • Using the Tab key to move between fields in the List View is improved.

  • You can now use the arrow keys to navigate up and down the search filter list in the List View.

  • Pressing the Esc key while the focus is on the search filter list now returns you to the top level of the search filter where you can use Tab to move between fields.

  • The above three fixes allow scripting of complex List View searches.

  • Fixed issue with the right shift key and Sticky Keys.

  • Other behind the scenes fixes.



  • Added more prominent border on Pick Lists.

  • Fixed an issue where files, folders, and programs opened by an ActiveWord Action would not consistently become the foreground window.

  • ActiveWords now has improved support for applications that do not fully support Unicode.

  • Fixed an issue where ActiveWord may crash when an Action is triggered while a software upgrade is in process.



  • You can now create and edit tables in Substitute Content

  • Actions. See video: For example, you can now create complex signatures and tables within ActiveWords and instantly insert them anywhere Rich Text Format is supported (which is pretty much everywhere).



  • You can now import plain text Microsoft Word AutoCorrect entries.

  • Updated third party components

  • Default ActiveWords Icon location moved to the top middle of the screen.



  • Fixes Print Preview crash when no default printer is defined.

  • Improved License dialog text for clarity

  • Fixed “RPC server is unavailable” error.

  • Updated Internet connection protocol for Windows 7 installations.



  • We are excited to bring you a new feature for advanced users, customizable triggers.

  • Learn about Custom Triggers here.

  • Issues with Windows 7 introduced with Build 4.0.14877 have been resolved.

  • Fixed issues with Windows display scaling and Icon and Text Monitor positioning.



  • Fixed issue where it was difficult to drag the icon if it was docked to the edge of the screen.

  • Fixed issue where the List View window would not display at some screen scaling settings.

  • Fixed issue where auto correct of double caps at the beginning of a word would not remove the first letter of the word.

  • After showing a Pick List any text that is selected in the original window is now unselected so triggering a Word from the Pick List does not delete the text.

  • Fixed an issue with default Words and Actions.

  • Fixed an issue where ActiveWords would occasionally crash when Windows came out of Sleep mode.



  • The ${datetime} command can now be used within a Script Action as well as within Substitute Text and Substitute Content Actions.

  • Substitute Actions triggered using Double Space will now be followed by one space instead of two.

  • Updated components to improve delivery of Substitute Content Actions.



  • You can now control how paste is delivered in a Substitute Content Action: Keep Source Formatting, Keep Text Only, Merge Formatting, or Use Destination Styles. Click the icon that appears after pasting to change the paste format.

  • You can now use Windows environment variables in Open URL Actions, for example, https://%[environmentvariable]

  • Added Help button to intitial startup dialog.

  • Fixed issue that was causing crashes when a terminal services installation was opened by more than one user.

  • Fixed issues when pasting into an Action field.

  • Fixed crash when pressing Esc or Ctrl while editing an Action field.

  • Fixed issue when using parameters with Launch Program Actions (example: chrome.exe



  • Updated third party components.

  • Fixed issue where users could assign the same function key to various Hot Key commands.



  • Triggering selected text that is a known Word will now carry out the associated Action, rather than ActionText choices.

  • Updated database encryption and code signing certificate.

  • Changed the way an installer component is run to avoid installation issues experienced by some users.



  • Fixes crash when creating new Launch Program Action.

  • Fixes an issue where an active Internet connection was not recognized in all cases.

  • Fixes logging related to crashes.

  • Fixes bug in ActionText functionality.

  • Fixes timing when a substitution uses the clipboard.



  • Added Windows Explorer Context menu to add Actions. Works for single and multiple objects selected in Windows Explorer.

  • Graphic would not copy/paste

  • ActiveWords now supports multiple monitor configurations. You can position the List View and other windows in the monitor of choice while the Icon and Text Monitor remain bounded to the Primary display.

  • ActiveWords can now open Windows Shell objects such as Recycle Bin.

  • The ActiveWords Icon and Text Monitor will be automatically hidden on the local device when a window from an application listed in Auto Disable is in focus.

  • Network administrators can now control whether ActiveWords starts with Windows for all users on first run when ActiveWords is run from a server.

  • When the Caps Lock key is active and you trigger an Action, the Caps Lock key will no longer turn "off."

  • Fixed issues related to the License Expiration Warning and License Expired dialogs not automatically popping up.

  • Fixed issues with ActiveWords Sync.

  • Fixed issues with window and icon position validation for users with multiple monitors.



  • Substitutions are now delivered faster and more reliably in both Universal Apps and Windows 32 applications. Please create a support ticket if you have any substitution issues.

  • Improved reliability of substitutions in Universal Apps.

  • Fixed issue with Alt-Shift-Right and Left key combinations.

  • Fixed issue with AltGr key.

  • Added the ability to use ActiveWords to open environment variables.

  • ActiveWords windows (List View, Editor, Options) should no longer stay on top when you change context while they are open.

  • Fixed an issue with modifier keys when running a remote session.

  • Added the Windows 10 Remote Desktop App to the Auto-Disable list.



  • Fixes an issue where new installations would not start.

  • Fixes an issue in Universal Apps where the Word was not removed when triggered in certain contexts.



  • Fixes an issue with management of the Ctrl, Shift, Win, and Alt keys.

  • Fixes an issue where pressing the ActiveWords Key would clear the Windows Clipboard.

  • Fixes additional issues with substitution reliability. All types of substitutions in all contexts should now be accurate and reliable in all cases. Please file a support ticket if you experience any issues with substitutions.

  • Fixes an issue where ActiveWords would spontaneously close for some users.

  • Fixes an issue where importing ActiveWords 3 data would fail.

  • Fixes an issue where setting the automatic update frequency would not work.

  • Fixes an issue where the ActiveWords Floating Icon would not display.

  • Fixes an issue opening the database in certain network environments.

  • Fixes an issue where URLs, files, programs, or folders would open but not come forward when called.



  • Fixes an issue some users were having where the keyboard would not respond.



  • Introducing "ActionText." You can now act on any text you enter in the ActionPad as well as on selected text. ActiveWords now serves as your front end for accessing information and resources in your work and installation (Bing and DuckDuckGo). You can delete these and add your own. See video. personal environments. Two "ActionText" look ups are now included in the default

  • Reconfigured Options to include the Hotkeys tab for enabling the ActiveWords Key, ActionPad, TextMonitor on/off toggle, and to clear and reset the Text Monitor. See video

  • Improved handling of text entered after triggering substitutions. • Improved reliability of restoring the clipboard after pasting substitutions. Windows Clipboard contents will be restored after triggering a Word as the default behavior.

  • Improved substitution speed by reducing the default length of Substitute Text Actions using the Windows Clipboard.

  • Improved behavior of Text Monitor and Action Pad when at the edge of the screen.

  • You can now customize the Text Monitor text and background colors to specific RGB/HTML values.

  • The ActiveWords System Tray icon is now consistent with Windows 10 "Fluid Design" standards.

  • The ${input} command now accepts a blank prompt and/or title, as in: ${input "",""}.

  • Fixes a crash when starting a new log file.

  • Fixes a crash when unable to save a license file.

  • Mouse click will now trigger ActionText selection list.

  • Fixed issue with Caps Lock and Shift keys.

  • Modified interaction with Windows keyboard code to improve reliability.

  • Fixed an occasional problem where starting ActiveWords after running the installer would fail to handle the database properly.

  • Fixed an issue related to pressing the "Esc" key when ActiveWords was running.

  • Restored functionality of the "Make substitutions case sensitive" control in the "Preferences" tab of the "Options" dialog.

  • Clarified error message if the ActiveWords database can’t open because it is already open and is being written to.

  • Fixed an issue where ActiveWords would not recognize keyboard input when Windows was Unlocked or brought out of Sleep or Hibernation.

  • The function key F10 can now be used as a Hotkey.

  • Display of the Action Description in the Text Monitor is now more appropriate in certain cases. • The "Clear and reset the Text Monitor" control now clears the Text Monitor when its Hotkey is pressed (and prevents any previously entered Word from triggering). If "t "="the " then "t[Hotkey] "="t ".

  • "Clear and reset the Text Monitor" control now clears the Text Monitor when its Hotkey is pressed (and



  • Opening a "*.awbak" file will now start the Restore process.

  • Productivity data is now calculated as documented. Productivity data prior to installation of this build will be deleted. New productivity data will be captured beginning on the installation date of this build, and will be summarized in the Productivity dialog starting 5 days after installation.



  • Added Trigger = "None" when adding or editing a Word. With the Trigger set to "None" the Word will trigger the related Action only within the ActionPad (if enabled) or by using the ActiveWords Key (default is F8). The Action Description will continue to appear in the Text Monitor when the Word isentered.

  • If you start ActiveWords 4 when ActiveWords 3 is running, a dialog now better clarifies the circumstances.

  • Clicking the ActiveWords Start Menu icon when ActiveWords is already open will now open the List View, rather than display an empty dialog.

  • ActiveWords should no longer crash when launching an application file fails.

  • Resolved instances where the installer would fail to complete.



  • Substitutions delivered by the Windows Clipboard are now excluded from Windows 10 Clipboard History.

  • F12 can now be assigned as the ActiveWords Key or to open the ActionPad.

  • Improved reliability of Rich Text Substitutions.

  • Fixed an issue with the ${input} command.

  • Fixed an installer issue when a Microsoft component was not present.