Words trigger Actions everywhere

  • AutoCorrect and AutoText in every language, everywhere.
  • Automatically correct spelling in every context.
  • Instantly insert plain text and formatted content, including RTF, HTML, and images.
  • Act on selected text.
  • Instantly launch programs, files, and folders.
  • Instantly open Web pages and other URLs.
  • Instantly carry out scripted sequences.
  • Date and time stamps in multiple formats (eg "3/1/20", "Apr 10", "Monday", "22:10", "10:10pm", etc.).
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Synchronize between devices

  • Sync your Words and Actions across all your PCs using a cloud service.
  • No maintenance needed. Just enable ActiveWords Sync.

Share across the enterprise

  • Get consistent output across the enterprise.
  • Read-only shared Words and Actions for work groups and enterprise wide.
  • Multiple shared files customize content per user and group.
  • Share with Terminal Services, LAN, WAN, NAS.
  • No server software to maintain.
  • Centralized control of shared data files.
  • AES encryption secures your data.
  • Simple to deploy and maintain for two to thousands of users.

Free Addins

Robust modern interface

  • Narrow search criteria by field.
  • Sort by Type of Action.
  • Choose fields to view.
  • Instantly create Words and Actions using drag'n drop.
  • Virtual keyboard support.
  • Touch and Pen input support.

Organize Actions with Tags

Script action sequences

  • Carry out multiple actions with a single Word.
  • Text Input Variables into any Action sequence.
  • Use Windows Environment Variables.

Import data

  • Import ActiveWords data files.
  • Import external data from CSV files.
  • Import Microsoft Office AutoCorrect entries.

Export data

  • Export selected Words and Actions for sharing or emailing as an attachment.
  • Printable list of selected Words and Actions.

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