Your Data is Protected

ActiveWords is designed to protect your data.


  • ActiveWords does its work by monitoring keystrokes. ActiveWords does NOT log or transmit keystrokes.
  • The ActiveWords database is strongly encrypted.
  • ActiveWords uses an internal buffer in memory to know when you are triggering an Action. This buffer is securely cleared every time you:
    1. Press the Enter key or any other key that causes the text insertion point to change (arrow keys, esc, etc.).
    2. Trigger an Action.
    3. Right click the mouse.
  • The only internet network traffic to/from ActiveWords is to validate the license or to check for a new version of the software. This is all done over secure https.
  • For support purposes you may turn on verbose logging which records each keystroke in a plain text log file. This log is stored only on your device and is only provided to us voluntarily to assist with product support.
  • ActiveWords detects when keyboard input is in a password field, and by default disables text monitoring.
  • ActiveWords sometimes uses the Windows Clipboard. If you have Windows 10 Clipboard History turned on, Actions using the clipboard will not update Windows 10 Clipboard History.


Also, see the ActiveWords Privacy Policy.


If you have any questions or concerns please file a support request.