ActiveWords and Windows Servers

IT administrators can install ActiveWords once on a Windows Server to make the software available to all server users.


To help administrators control licensing when installed on a server, ActiveWords will not by default automatically start when a user logs into their server account. The user or administrator can manually start ActiveWords, then check "Run ActiveWords at Windows Logon" in the Preferences tab of the Options dialog to set ActiveWords to start automatically at future logons. IT Administrators can also set auto-start on or off for a given user or groups of users by adding or removing this Registry entry: “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\ActiveWords” - value_name:ActiveWords - Value data:[drive]:\Program Files (x86)\ActiveWords 4\ActiveWords.exe.


Administrators can over ride the default behavior and cause ActiveWords to "Run ActiveWords at Windows Logon" for all users by running "[drive]\Program Files (x86)\ActiveWords 4\New User Auto Start Enable.cmd" immediately after installing ActiveWords on a server and before launching ActiveWords. Note also "New User Auto Start Disable.cmd".


When ActiveWords is first started it will create a data file for the logged on user (\appdata\roaming\ActiveWords 4) and request license activation. See "Activate/Deactivate Licenses in the Enterprise" here for ways to automate license activation for multiple users.