ActiveWords 4 Features and Benefits

Productivity for Professionals

ActiveWords software has been re-created from the ground up using the latest Windows tools and techniques, providing more reliable performance and a more powerful yet easy to use and contemporary interface.

ActiveWords is WORDS and ACTIONS.

Type or ink your Words at any time in any context and get what you want instantly. ActiveWords provides universal text expansion (beleive=believe) and much more. Enter “cnn” and go directly to Open files, folders, and programs by triggering a Word. Substitute pictures and other content, and more... Your Words are automatically removed from your context when they are triggered. You can even enter and trigger Words when there is no active cursor context.

  • ActiveWords is Unicode compliant, meaning ActiveWords supports your language. For example, you can substitute content in Serbian Cyrillic and over 100 other languages supported by Microsoft Windows.
  • You can easily locate, add, and edit your Words and Actions in a clean, contemporary user interface. Search is super powerful, allowing you to restrict search text by field and by Action type, making it very easy to quickly locate exactly what you are looking for.
  • You can drag’n drop almost any content or Windows objects to the floating Icon, instantly creating Words and Actions. Drag’n drop sections of documents and Web pages, URLs, files, folders, programs, you name it. See video:   
  • Words that trigger when followed by a single delimiter can now include delimiters (do'nt=don't).
  • Floating Icon: Provides the user interface. Left-click to view and edit your Words and Actions. Right-click to add new records, set Options, and more. You can resize and position the Icon anywhere on the screen.
  • Text Monitor: Mirrors your keyboard entry and displays the Description of triggered Actions, providing assurance your intent is being carried out.
  • The Text Monitor can be positioned independent of the Floating Icon, either or both can be hidden.
  • Tags let you categorize Actions for easy organization and reference.
  • Password entry will not be visible in the Text Monitor for all programs and web sites that identify these fields according to conventional programming standards. You can rely on the Text Monitor to show you what is being entered and acted upon without worrying when entering passwords. (Some apps and web pages may not be compatible with this feature. Click here for more information.)
  • ActiveWords uses powerful date and time stamp functionality. You can embed time and date in numerous formats within both Substitute Text and Substitute Content Actions. See the documentation here.
  • Enterprise deployments have more robust tools for managing and editing Shared ActiveWords. You can directly open a Shared ActiveWords file for editing. When you exit, you can over write the file to its original location so it automatically becomes active for all users. Enterprise licensing is more advanced and easier to implement and renew.

Easy, clean, powerful.

Instant productivity.


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