Triggering Words

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Assign triggers to each Word. Available triggers included "Any Delimiter," "Double Space", and "None."


The Any Delimiter trigger is typically used for auto-correct entries such as “beleive” = “believe” and for entering acronyms that expand into longer text, for example, “k” = “contract” and “w” = “with.” The triggering delimiter is included with Substitute Text Actions to aid the process of content creation. For example, “Your new k is effective June 01, 2019” will appear as “Your new contract is effective June 01, 2019” where the space following “contract” is the delimiter used to trigger “k.”


The Double Space trigger is typically used for full words and phrases also used as text content, for example, “my name” = “Christopher Paulson Jackson.” Using “real” words and phrases to trigger Actions allows you to quickly leverage your vocabulary to get what you want instantly. You might name URLs you frequently visit with the domain name, for example, “cnn" opens "," “bbc” opens “,” etc.


The None trigger limits triggering to either the ActionPad or when followed by the ActiveWords Key.


These triggering conventions enable Words to be entered at any time in any context, whether the Action substitutes text or content, or opens a desired object such as a URL, folder, file, or program.


A triggered Word is always removed from the context where it is entered before the Action is carried out. You can also enter and trigger any Word when there is no entry context, such as the Windows Desktop or a static Web page. As such, ActiveWords becomes a property of your computer, not an application limited to a specific window or context.


You can also trigger Words using the ActiveWords Key (default is F8) and within the ActionPad using the Enter key. (See the ActionPad video: ). These triggers are independent of the Any Delimiter, Double Space, and None triggers and apply to all Word/Action associations. Substitute Text Actions triggered with the ActiveWords Key or within the ActionPad do not include a trailing delimiter. Also, text substitutions created as a Scripting type Action will not include the trailing delimiter when triggered.