AutoCorrect On Steroids

ActiveWords makes it worthwhile to build your personal library of Actions that work universally, in every Windows context.


Microsoft's AutoCorrect functions are rudimentary and limited to use in the basic Office applications Word, Powerpoint, Outlook, and Publisher. They don't work in Notes, Excel, Teams, or in any of the Office Universal Apps such as Mail and Calendar.


  • ActiveWords work everywhere while Microsoft AutoCorrect is limited to a few Office Applications.
  • ActiveWord Substitutions are virtually unlimited in size while Microsoft's plain text AutoCorrect entries can only be 255 characters.
  • You can easily find, organize, and edit your ActiveWords while Microsoft's AutoCorrect and AutoText functions are disorganized and very difficult to find and edit.
  • ActiveWords Substitute Content Actions include a full RTF editor and accept both RTF and HTML pasted from the Windows Clipboard, including images.
  • ActiveWords can open Web sites (all URLs), files, programs, and folders in addition to its extensive AutoCorrect functionality, greatly expanding power and usefulness.