ActiveWords Terminology

ActiveWord - A Word-Action association.

Action - A behavior carried out when a Word is Triggered.

There are seven Types of Actions:

  • Substitute Text - plain text
  • Substitute Content - formatted text and images
  • Launch Program
  • Open Document
  • Open Folder
  • Open Web Page
  • Script

Word - A word, phrase, or text string associated with an Action.

  • Words can contain any characters available on the keyboard, including symbols and delimiters.

Trigger - A means of having a Word carry out an Action. These include:


  • Double Space
  • Any delimiter (space, comma, etc.)
  • A user defined ActiveWords Key (default is F8)
  • Pressing the Enter Key when an Action is selected in the List View, ActionPad, or InkPad.
  • Double clicking an Action selected in the List View.
  • Clicking an Action in the ActionPad list.
  • Clicking the GO button on the InkPad.

List View - The list of Words and Actions used to search, add, edit, and delete.

ActiveWords Icon - The icon that floats on the screen and appears in the System Tray when ActiveWords is running.

Text Monitor - The object on the screen that mirrors text entry and displays Action Descriptions when a Word is recognized or triggered.

ActionPad - The input field that appears on user demand where Words can be entered and triggered. (Useful when the user does not wish to enter a Word in their current context).

ActionText - A feature that acts on selected text and on text entered in the ActionPad. ActionText serves as your entry point for services and information, much like the Windows Key, only more powerful.

InkPad - The touch input area that appears on user demand where Words can be inked and triggered. Tap the Icon to open the InkPad on a touch screen.

Tag - a word or phrase used to categorize Actions. See this link for more information.

Tag View - The view showing Tags in the left column.

Pick List - A pop-up at the cursor location showing the Description of Actions associated with a Triggered Word when more than one Action is associated with the same Word. See this link for more information.

Addin - A set of Words and Actions with a focused purpose. Examples include Words and Actions for Outlook and for common English misspellings. See this link for current addins. Addins are free to use.