ActiveWords Startup For The Enterprise

On first run, ActiveWords will be set to run at Windows startup by default.


IT Administrators can change this default first run behavior for each user on a server, preventing ActiveWords from starting with Windows. Immediately after installing ActiveWords on a server and before launching ActiveWords, run “[drive]:\Program Files (x86)\ActiveWords 4\New User Auto Start Disable.cmd.” This will prevent “Run ActiveWords at Windows Logon” in the Preferences tab of the Options dialog from being set when ActiveWords is run the first time for a given user.


IT Administrators can also turn this setting on or off for a given user by adding or removing this Registry entry: “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\ActiveWords.” Network scripts may be used to automate this registry change for sets of users.


If “New User Auto Start Disable.cmd” has been run on the server, individual users can still set ActiveWords to run with Windows by manually checking “Run ActiveWords at Windows Logon” in the “Preferences” tab of the “Options” dialog.


Note that “New User Auto Start Disable.cmd” can be reversed by running “New User Auto Start Enable.cmd.”