ActiveWord Substitutions

ActiveWord substitutions perform like Microsoft "AutoCorrect" on steroids! ActiveWords incorporates new and powerful functionality for substituting plain text, rich text, and HTML segments that makes you more productive and increases the accuracy of your work. Substitutions work instantly and reliably in all contexts at all times. Pre-defined Text Substitution Add ins are available Free.

Features and Benefits

Feature Benefit
ActiveWords substitutes text, rich text, and HTML segments. The ability to substitute text, rich text, and HTML gives you unprecedented power to deliver formatted substitutions across many contexts. Substitutions can now included formatted text, formatted HTML, pictures, and Microsoft Office data supported by the Windows clipboard.
Text substitutions operate in all Windows® environments and wherever text input is available. You can rely on text substitutions as a property of your computer rather than as a feature of a specific program or set of programs. The investment in applying substitutions now pays off across the entire computing environment. You realize tangible improvements in productivity and in the accuracy of your work.
Natural language terms, both words and phrases, can be used to generate substitutions. There is no need to invent cryptic codes to generate substitutions. Content can now be generated from natural expressions. For example, 'my name' can equal 'Robert A. Guzauskas, D.D.S., P.A.,' and 'rights' can deliver the entire United States Bill of Rights into your document.
Names given to deliver substitutions can be dual-purposed. A single name can generate a series of substitutions. For example, 'ceo' can equal 'CEO' which can then deliver 'Chief Executive Officer.'
Includes tools to add, find, and organize substitution items. ActiveWords allows you to easily reference, group, and manage substitution items.
Each substitution item can be as large as 32 kilobytes, approximately 5,000 five character words. Substitutions can now be of significant size, delivering the complete text for such content as; policy statements, sections of legal code, statements of medical indications, and product specifications.
Entire text files can be defined as substitutions. Substitutions can be virtually unlimited in size.
Substitutions can be data conversions of dates, times, and numbers with user set formatting. ActiveWords provides intelligent conversion for commonly used content that increases productivity and accuracy. For example, type 'date' and receive the current date in one of any number of formats (e.g., 'May 23, 1998),' type '$12.31' and receive 'twelve dollars thirty one cents.'
Organized glossaries of text substitutions are available free as ActiveWord Add ins. You receive immediate productivity and accuracy benefits, and have a significant body of substitutions to choose from and apply. For example, an add in including of over 5,300 common English misspellings is available that are automatically corrected as you type. Available text substitution add ins include:
  • Auto-corrections (dont ......don't)
  • Hyphenation (
  • Misspelling (beleive......believe)
  • Capitalizations
    • Calendar Words (tue......Tuesday)
    • Organization Names (att......AT&T)
    • People's Names (fred......Fred)
    • Place Names (new york......New York)
    • Other (iq......IQ)
  • ASCII (trademark......™)
  • Programming C++ Syntax (gp......GetParent();)
Automatically correct DOuble CAps No need to correct text errors resulting from unintended use of the Caps Lock key.
Substitutions are case sensitive (t=the, T=The) Substitutions operate consistent with expected capitalization practices.