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"I consider myself a lifetime subscriber to ActiveWords.
Thank you for making my job easier."


Bloggers and users discuss ActiveWords:

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Reviews from media sources:

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  "ActiveWords comes with our highest recommendation EVER"
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Reviews and Customer Comments:

"ActiveWords is indispensable"
F. Carney - Salt Lake City Utah

"I've been using it now for over six months,
and it has truly changed my life. You have to try it! 
It's free for 60 days and the tech support is incredible."
Ernie the Attorney

"I can't imagine not having ActiveWords on my computer. Our business is all about productivity, and ActiveWords is one tool that helps me be incredibly productive. Going back to the 'old way' would be like asking me to go back to using a typewriter.  The time savings of this software pays for itself over and over again."
Lorie Marrero - ClutterDiet.com.

"The efficiencies government wide could be staggering if we had equipment and software that would cooperate with ActiveWords. I had recently thought that we couldn't duplicate the productivity gains of the last decade, but I believe ActiveWords could fuel another quantum leap in productivity and would enable more timely responses so that we get credit for being customer friendly and giving good service."

US Federal Government Employee:


"ActiveWords will change your life forever. It will allow you to use 'your' language to communicate with your computer. Lawyers use words that only lawyers understand (hence, a 'depo' to a lawyer means a meeting wherein he or she will be taking the testimony of a person under oath in trial preparation), yet when a gynecologist uses the word "depo" he or she means a shot given to women for birth control. ActiveWords saves so much time it is unbelievable.  It allows you to use 'your' language to describe what you want.  It allows your computer to speak 'your' language. Try it." 

Melinda Seitz - Recruiter:

"ActiveWords...fills gaps in the Windows operating system, facilitating quick, efficient computing for lawyers and staff."

A Shortcut That Goes a Long Way
( American Bar Association Journal)

"...Experts won't want to work without it, and novices will become attached immediately. You type, it works...

Chris Pirillo- GnomeREPORT


"ActiveWords is an incredible program that we at Cool Site of the Day are currently flipping over...ActiveWords will completely change the way you work and save you loads of time!"


"Once you get in the habit of using ActiveWords shortcuts, you'll be hooked, and the cost of the program will be more than made up in the time and keystrokes it will save you and your end users."

Jeff Davis, TechRepublic

"It has been a delight using your software! I don't exaggerate when I say that there are times when I pull up a program or a pre-addressed e-mail message, just for the kick of it! I also love pulling up contacts simply by typing in their first name and hitting the ActiveWords key..."

Henry Nguyen, USA

"...I think your application is a wonderful productivity tool and the best so far I have tried. I especially enjoy the feature that prompts me to add an active word whenever I launch an application or folder a couple of times. Really nice and impressive job ;-)"

Thierry Lalinne, Belgium

"It allows me to automate lengthy repetitive tasks that I would otherwise have to spend 30-45 minutes a day on."

Charles L. Grett
Ernst & Young LLP

" Originally I was looking for a program for voice control of the computer but now that I have found ActiveWords I think it is far superior to any of the other control programs I have tried, voice or otherwise."

Hal Marston

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