2005 Holiday Buying Guide

posted 12:40pm EST Tue Dec 13 2005 - submitted by Review Staff

Product: ActiveWords
Price: Retails for $49.95
by palmsolo

One of the friendliest, warmest, most outgoing people I have ever met in my life is Buzz Bruggeman, who works with Peter Weldon on the absolutely amazing ActiveWords application. Buzz gave me a copy of ActiveWords over a year ago to try, but I never got around to using it until I picked up my Fujitsu Tablet PC--now I find it to be an indispensable tool and kick myself for waiting so long.

ActiveWords allows you to insert text, launch applications, go to specific websites, run macros, and more, all by simply entering a single command (typed word) followed by the press of an action key (I use F12). I have ActiveWords set up for launching about 15 of my most used applications, inserting regularly used text ("Review Geek" signature or shipping address, common greetings, etc.), navigating directly to websites, launching desktop searches, and more.

You can configure ActiveWords manually, or just set up the application to monitor your keyboard actions and suggest ActiveWords for commonly entered words, phrases, websites, etc. There is even a Productivity Center that gives you detailed statistics such as total hours saved and amount of money saved by using ActiveWords. You can take these stats and show them to your boss to show how much money you saved him by purchasing ActiveWords.

If you are a Tablet PC owner then you may also want to try the ActiveWords InkPad application, which allows you to simply ink your ActiveWord, move your stylus away, and watch the action unfold.

I highly recommend that everyone try this application to see how much time and money can be saved with ActiveWords.

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