ActiveWords for the Enterprise

You want productivity? Do something about it. Deploy ActiveWords.

You will be amazed at how much more your people will accomplish with ActiveWords Enterprise! A Shared WordBase under central control combined with each user's personal ActiveWords delivers a win-win solution. Your users spend more time delivering more accurate results, and less time navigating the maze of resources. Download the fully functional 60 day ActiveWords Enterprise trial.

The ActiveWords ENTERPRISE Annual License is priced at $29.95 USD per seat per year. Current users may wish to upgrade to version 2.1 at no charge. Click here for information about the free upgrade.

Users don't have to learn anything about ActiveWords to realize the benefits of automatic correction of over 5,000 common English misspellings in every text entry content. You can add enterprise specific common spelling errors (for example, your name) for auto-correction. We can show you how to easily set up ActiveWord clients to make this a reality. Just ask.

Now get the users involved and the productivity improvements compound rapidly, yielding meaningful and measurable savings. Create and maintain Shared WordBases of enterprise specific words and actions such as, abbreviations to substitute your firm name, address, and other frequently used text content, which is now assured of being entered accurately every time. Add to this links to commonly used programs, files, intranet and Internet sites and your people will quickly have more time on their hands to apply to things more important than pointing and clicking.

ActiveWords ENTERPRISE provides the power and flexibility of ActiveWords PLUS with the addition of the ActiveWords Shared WordBase Manager allowing shared access over a network. 

The Shared WordBase Manager allows each ActiveWords ENTERPRISE client to point to and share other WordBases located on the network. This enables the design, implementation, and maintenance of a single WordBase of enterprise specific ActiveWord items shared by all users that complement the personal items created by each user. The Shared WordBase Manager is one of the tools available to maximize the benefits of using ActiveWords in the enterprise. Please contact for more information on the Shared WordBase Manager, the ActiveWords Development Center, and the Application Wrapper available to develop, deploy, and maintain ActiveWord enterprise implementations. Download the fully functional 60 day ActiveWords Enterprise trial.

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