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ActiveWords InkPad

Extending ActiveWords to both Keyboard and Ink on the Tablet PC
Inkpad is included free with ActiveWords PLUS and ENTERPRISE

ActiveWords are instantly available using ink on a Windows XP or Vista Tablet PC. Hover the stylus above the InkPad icon, ink your ActiveWord, move the stylus away, and your ActiveWord is acted on. Hover, ink, and go!
Video Demonstration of ActiveWords InkPad  Version 1.5

We would like to thank Tom Clarkson, creator of Orange Guava Desktop for his significant contributions to the development of this version of ActiveWords InkPad.

ActiveWords InkPad is included free with both ActiveWords PLUS and ActiveWords ENTERPRISE. InkPad will be automatically enabled when these products are installed on a computer running Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 or higher.


These instructions assume the user is familiar with the operation of ActiveWords software. New users are encouraged to view the demos.

ActiveWords InkPad works much like ActiveWords ActionPad, providing a context for entering and triggering ActiveWords.

ActiveWord text substitutions will be sent to the text entry location active (blinking cursor) immediately before the InkPad is displayed.

ActiveWords InkPad System Tray icon

Press the stylus on the ActiveWords InkPad System Tray icon to toggle the floating Main ActiveWords InkPad Icon to show or hide from the display. 

Press the stylus while holding down the selection button to display the ActiveWords InkPad System Tray icon "right-click" menu. Use this menu to:

  • Control whether the Main ActiveWords InkPad Icon is docked on the Taskbar or floating on the display.
  • Control the display of "size handles" to resize the ActiveWords InkPad and to resize and re-position the Main ActiveWords InkPad Icon when it is set to float on the display. Once satisfied with the size and position of these elements the "size handles" can be hidden using this control.
  • Control whether the Main ActiveWords InkPad Icon is shown or hidden when the main icon is floating.
  • Open the Settings dialog. The Settings dialog controls transparency of the Main ActiveWords InkPad Icon when floating and controls colors used on the ActiveWords InkPad (borders, inking surface and ink).
  • Exit AWInkPad.

Main ActiveWords InkPad Icon  

The Main ActiveWords InkPad Icon is used to display the ActiveWords InkPad,  where the user enters and triggers ActiveWords. This main icon can be located either on the Taskbar (installation default) or float on the display. The floating icon can be moved and resized. The icon's transparency level can be adjusted through Settings available from the ActiveWords InkPad or from the ActiveWords InkPad System Tray Icon "right-click" menu.

Main ActiveWords InkPad Icon displayed in Taskbar:

Main ActiveWords InkPad Icon displayed floating with "handles":


Drag left "handle" to reposition. Drag right "handle" to resize.

Once the size and position are set in the desired way, select "Hide size handles" from the ActiveWords InkPad System Tray "right-click" menu, and the handles are removed:

ActiveWords InkPad

The InkPad is displayed by using the stylus to hover above or click on the Main ActiveWords InkPad Icon. The "hover" or "click" controls are located in the Settings dialog. The control is set to "hover" at installation.

  • Use the stylus to enter ActiveWords within the inkpad area. Note the real time recognition at the top of the InkPad. 
  • Trigger inked ActiveWords by moving the point of the stylus away from ActiveWords InkPad.
  • ActiveWords InkPad will automatically close and the action for the ActiveWord will be triggered.
Limitations and suggestions:
  • The ability to operate on selected text when using a stylus is not implemented.
  • After settling on a preferred mode for the Main ActiveWords InkPad Icon (Taskbar or floating) and location/size you may also wish to hide the ActiveWords InkPad System Tray icon. 
  • We recommend hiding the ActiveWords MonitorBar and the regular ActiveWords System Tray icon when using ActiveWords InkPad with the stylus.

    To hide the ActiveWords MonitorBar right click on the ActiveWords System Tray icon and select "AWMonitor bar>Hide AWMonitor bar".

    To hide the ActiveWords and ActiveWords InkPad System Tray icons right click on the System Tray, click the "Customize" button, click the "ActiveWords" listing, select, "Always hide" from the related pull-down menu, then click the "OK" button. You may also wish to hide the ActiveWords InkPad System Tray icon once you have determined your preference of leaving the Main ActiveWords InkPad icon on the Taskbar or let it float.