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An ActiveWord add-in is a set of pre-defined actions and ActiveWords that serves a focused need. For example, the AWControls add-in includes items that control the ActiveWords program itself, including actions for adding new ActiveWords, opening the Options dialog, etc.

Add-in Types: ActiveWord add-ins on this page are free and come in five flavors. Explore them all below. Download and insert those that fit your needs.
Instructions for inserting ActiveWord Add-ins
Knowledge Access
Internet Resources
ActiveWords Agents
Text Substitutions
Program Controls
Windows Apps&Tools

Knowledge Access

ActiveWord Description Download 
KA The Knowledge Access (KA) add-in makes every word and phrase active. It gives you instant access to information about every word or phrase you select from any context, or enter within the ActionPad. Knowledge Access behavior lets you determine the resources that provide information.
Instructions for using the Knowledge Access add-in
KA.awzip 230k
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Navigate the Internet

ActiveWord Description Download 
(MSN & Live Search)
This is a complete ActiveWords WordBase solution for Live Search and MSN services. Use these ActiveWords to search Encarta, the Web, stock quotes, weather and much more. Items are also included that take you directly to MSN services such as movies, news, stocks, hotmail, etc. AWMSN.awzip
AWYAHOO ActiveWords enable Yahoo! Actions for a broad range of Yahoo! searches and services. BE THERE instantly. AWYahoo.awzip
BING Make Microsoft's BING search service fly! Bing.awzip
GOOGLE ActiveWords enable Google! Actions for a broad range of Google searches and services, then BE THERE instantly. Now includes ActiveWords for Gmail, Finance, Google Docs, Voice, Contacts, and calling phone numbers. google.awzip
SITES "Sites" contains over 125 ActiveWords that take you instantly to the most popular US Web sites. Trigger cnn, facebook, amazon, ESPN, etc. Be where you want to be instantly! This add in is included with the Free Version of ActiveWords. sites.awzip
TOODLEDO Toodledo is an easy to use, online to-do list. Get organized, stay motivated, and be more productive. This add in includes numerous ActiveWords to instantly search your Toodledo information and go directly to your calendar, files, and other Toodledo resources. toodledo.awzip
WEB This add-in contains numerous Internet links for automated searching, reference, and general interest. A great starting point for applying the power of ActiveWords to the Internet. Web.awzip
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ActiveWords Agents

ActiveWord Description Download 
INPLACE Instantly enter the date, time, or date and time in your desired formats where ever text entry is available. Calculate math in-place, e.g., 49.95*1.06 == 52.947. Convert numbers to text in-place, e.g., 49.95 ntt = forty-nine and ninety-five one-hundredths. Inplace.awzip
OUTLOOK Use ActiveWords to go directly to Oulook folders, add new items, and search by folder. Outlook.awzip
Windows Desktop Search)
NOTE: This add-in works only with Windows 7. Use ActiveWords for Windows Desktop Search (WDS) to define the context of your search as you think of it, rather than perform a general search and then filter from hundreds or thousands of listed results. For example, trigger your ActiveWord to "search email" when you think of it and receive a Windows Desktop Search result that includes only E-mail items. WDS.awzip
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Text Substitutions

ActiveWord Description Download 
ASCII Assign words to any of the complete set of standard ASCII symbols. For example: enter "copyright" and receive ©, enter "yen" and receive ¥. ASCII.awzip
CONTRACTIONS Don't worry anymore about miss-typed contractions. Let ActiveWords do it for you! Just type "dont" and you will always get "don't". Contractions.awzip
EMOTICONS Assign words to your favorite emoticons. For example: enter "flower" and receive @}->-- , enter "smile" and receive :). Emoticons.awzip
HYPHENATIONS Here you will find useful hyphenations that substitute "end-user" if you type "enduser" or "end-of-day" if you type "endofday". Hyphenations.awzip
LETTERS Let ActiveWords help you to organize a document. Get "A)." just typing "azp" and "B)." typing "bzp". Letters.awzip
NUMERIC Use numeric shorthand for numbers and currency. For example enter "lze" and get "$0" or enter "zezp" and get "0)." Numeric.awzip
MISSPELLINGS Now over 5,300 common English Misspellings. Misspellings like "beleive" will be automatically converted to "believe" in all text entry contexts. Updated April 18, 2007. Misspellings.awzip
STATE NAMES "de" substitutes "Delaware," "ca" substitutes "California," etc. Includes US states, Commonwealths, and Territories    StateNames.awb
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Program Controls

ActiveWord Description Download 
eProductivity for Lotus Notes eProductivity™ is the software application that makes implementing David Allen's “Getting Things Done®” (“GTD®”) methodology in IBM Lotus Notes, easy. This free add in ActiveWords enables the eProductivity Notes solution, giving you complete and instantaneous access to your most important information. ActiveWords for eProductivity
EVERNOTE Instantly create and search notes using ActiveWords for Evernote. Use Evernote to save your ideas, things you see, and things you like. Then use ActiveWords to instantly locate the information you store in Evernote. Updated October 22, 2012 for use with ActiveWords 2.0. This older version of the add in is for use with ActiveWords 1.95 and earlier. evernote.awzip
SALESFORCE Users of can use these ActiveWords to go directly to the "tabs" they want as well as search their data. Salesforce.awzip
WINDOWS Use ActiveWords to control most of the common actions in MS Windows. For example, type "min" and current window will be minimized, type "close" and current window will be closed. Windows.awzip
WINDOWS APPLICATIONS Use ActiveWords to launch frequently used programs that come preinstalled with Windows and are included in the Microsoft Office suite, for example, Excel, PowerPoint, Notepad, Calculator. Launch programs instantly using ActiveWords. wa.awzip
ActiveWords to open all the standard Windows Control Panels, including those specific to Windows Vista. Use ActiveWords to instantly open Control Panels such as keyboard, printers, firewall, and mouse. cp.awzip
WINDOWS FOLDERS Use ActiveWords to instantly open Windows folders such as My Computer, My Documents, Recycle Bin. wf.awzip
WINDOWS TOOLS Use ActiveWords to instantly open Windows folders like Task Manager, Registry Editor, and Disk Cleanup.  wt.awzip
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