Affiliate Program

Promote ActiveWords and Earn $$$$


ActiveWord Systems, Inc. offers qualified affiliates dollars for referring people who become customers.


How does this work?


  • We provide you with an affiliate link to and you distribute this link on your Web properties and/or by email.


  • When a user clicks your affiliate link a cookie is placed on the user’s Browser.


  • When that user registers a Trial (or purchases a license) within five days of clicking your link, your affiliate ID is associated with the user’s email address in our system and is then independent of browser cookies. You earn commissions whenever that user purchases or renews a license using the same email address.


How much and when do I get paid?


  • You earn 10% of each license purchase resulting from your referrals for the lifetime of each license! This means you will continue to earn commissions each time one of your referrals renews using the same email address.


Example: You refer 100 new customers year one, earning $300 USD in commissions. You refer another 100 new customers in year two and you earn $600 the second year ($300 USD when first year customers renew and $300 USD for the new second year referral customers). Your commissions compound as referrals renew!


Example: You refer an enterprise customer who purchases 50 annual licenses for $1,500 USD each year. Over 5 years you earn $750 from that single referral ($1,500*10%*5).


  • ActiveWords will pay earned commissions each time total accrued commissions for an affiliate reach $150 USD.


How do I sign up?


What is the small print?


  • ActiveWord Systems, Inc. reserves the right to accept, reject, or cancel affiliates at any time.


  • If we cancel your affiliate status, ActiveWord Systems, Inc. will pay earned but unpaid commissions of $150 USD or greater. All lesser amounts will not be paid.


  • ActiveWord Systems, Inc. reserves the right to make changes to this program and will inform each affiliate of any changes.


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