Greg Perry Speaks about ActiveWords

   ďAs an author whose published well over one million words, the ability to save keystrokes is tantamount to getting my books out faster and the income coming in sooner. Thanks to ActiveWords, Iíve saved an incredible amount of time and that means real income to me. When I find myself on a computer that doesnít have ActiveWords, thatís when I really understand how valuable ActiveWords is to me because my completed typing speed decreases so severely. Thatís because Iíve loaded up my ActiveWords program with hundreds of shortcuts, most of which I use at least once or twice weekly and many I use up to 100 times each week. ActiveWords was not a cost to me, it was a money-saving, time-saving tool that I refuse to be without.Ē Ė Greg Perry, Author of more than 75 books on computers, real estate, and the government, Tulsa, Oklahoma.