GuardedID/Comcast Constant Guard (GIDD.exe) Fix  

ActiveWords relies on well documented keyboard technology built into all versions of Windows since XP. Unfortunately, some "security" software companies associate use of that keyboard technology with the pejorative term "keylogger" and unilaterally obstruct the functionality of ActiveWords and other programs that utilize the technology. Offending programs are GuardedID and Comcast ConstantGuard both by Strikeforce Technologies and White Sky.


If after installing you can't trigger ActiveWords or if you are getting duplicate or jumbled characters when typing please check the list of running processes in the Windows Task Manager (taskmgr.exe) for a process named "GIDD.exe" or "IDVault.exe/IDVaultSvc.exe." These processes must be stopped for ActiveWords to operate.


"GIDD.exe" can be permanently removed by uninstalling GuardedID/ConstantGuard.  Should you choose not to uninstall GuardedID/ConstantGuard the following steps can be taken to stop GIDD.exe from running, thus enabling ActiveWords:


In the commercial GuardedID branded products, GuardedID Desktop Protection (GIDD.EXE) shows as an icon in the notification area. You can right click it and select "Exit". Within IE & Firefox browsers, the GuardedID toolbar needs to be disabled as well (in Manage Add-Ons). Note that you may need to exit GuardedID Desktop each time your computer starts.


For users having Comcast ConstantGuard (and other OEMs), here are instructions to turn off "GIDD.exe:"


  • Right-click the Constant Guard icon in the notification area (by the clock).
  • Open ConstantGuard
  • Select "Options"
  • Press "Configure my "Anti-Keylogging" protection (the "Configure settings" dialog will open).
  • Select "Disable" then click "OK."