Using the Shared WordBase Manager

(ActiveWords 3.1 and higher)



Creating a WordBase to be Shared

Assigning a Shared WordBase

Editing a Shared WordBase

Migrating from an Earlier Version of Shared WordBase Manager

Other Attributes of Shared WordBase Records

Improvements Over Prior Shared WordBase Manager




The ActiveWords Shared WordBase Manager (AWSharedWB.exe) is used to allow a central authority to distribute and control ActiveWord records for a set of users.


When an ActiveWords WordBase file (*.awb) is assigned as a Shared WordBase, such records are inserted in the client ActiveWords data file for normal use, but cannot be edited or deleted using the main ActiveWords interface.


Updates to a Shared WordBase are automatically incorporated into the client data file. The ActiveWords client looks every few minutes to see if a Shared WordBase has been updated (based on Modified Date). When an update is seen, all records from the old WordBase file are removed from each client and all records from the new WordBase file are added. Usage data is maintained for records from the old WordBase file that have matching record identifiers with records in the new WordBase file.


This design assures that end users can readily locate both their personal records and Shared WordBase records from the main ActiveWords "find" interface. It maintains usage information for each user as Shared WordBase records are changed. It also assures the enterprise that each ActiveWords user is working with the same records, thus delivering consistent and accurate results based on a shared, consistent ActiveWords language (i.e., triggering "liability waiver" delivers the same text across the set of users).


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Video Introduction



Creating a WordBase to be Shared


An administrator creates a WordBase using the "Share" feature in the ActiveWords client. NOTE: Administrators should remove any Shared WordBase assignments from AWSharedWB.exe on their local ActiveWords installation before creating or modifying records to be included as part of a new or updated Shared WordBase.


Create the records to be shared using the Add Wizard. It may be helpful to use some consistent text in the Description field so all records can by easily located later, and/or associate the records with a Group ActiveWord, then "Share..." the Group record.


In the example below, the adimistrator has created 3 records to be shared, using "(shared)" in the Description field of each. Locate and select the records to be shared, then right click on any selected record and choose "Share..."



Name and save the resulting *.awb file (ActiveWords WordBase file) at the desired network location. The network folder location and *.awb files must have read/write access to all ActiveWords users, and, be simultaneously accessible by the number of users running ActiveWords.


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Assigning a Shared WordBase


Now that the WordBase to be shared is located on the network, this location and file name needs to be assigned in the ActiveWords Shared WordBase Manager for each client. This can be accomplished by running a command line file containing the path to the Shared WordBase, or manually using the AWSharedWB.exe dialog.


Adding/Removing Shared WordBase assignments using Command Line files:


Shared WordBase assignments can be silently added and removed using command line instructions within a text file renamed with the *.cmd suffix. The administrator can run these files for all ActiveWords installations using network management tools. Each line in the Command Line file can contain one add or remove command.


Use a plain text editor such as Notepad.exe to create the file. The syntax is as follows:



"[path\AWSharedWB.exe" -a "[path to WordBase to be shared]"


"[path\AWSharedWB.exe" -r "[path to WordBase to be shared]"


Command Line File Example: 


"C:\Program Files (x86)\ActiveWords\AWSharedWB.exe" -a "\\Server01\Amin\ActiveWordsShared\LegalParagraphs.awb"


Save the file and rename with the suffix ".cmd".


Assigning a Shared WordBase using the AWSharedWB.exe dialog:


For each client ActiveWords installation, open "C:\Program Files (x86)\ActiveWords\AWSharedWb.exe," click "Add," then navigate to and "Open" the WordBase file to be shared. Exit the Shared WordBase Manager when finished.




That's it! The contents of the Shared WordBase will be instantly and silently inserted into the local client ActiveWords data file, and immediately available to the end user.


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Editing a Shared WordBase


NOTE: For ease of editing, each Shared WordBase should assign all records to a Group ActiveWord. It is also recommended that the Description field of each Shared WordBase record include a text tag identifying the Shared WordBase, for example, [company-type of content].

Steps to edit a Shared WordBase:

1. The Admin responsible for maintaining a Shared WordBase should open “C:\Program Files (x86)\ActiveWords\AWSharedWb.exe” and “Remove” any Shared WordBase assignments on their local ActiveWords installation.

2. Using Windows Explorer, Browse to the Shared WordBase to be edited and open the file. This will insert the current version of the Shared WordBase into the local ActiveWords installation.

3. Records can now be added, edited, and deleted as needed. NOTE: Any records added must be associated with the Group ActiveWord for the Shared WordBase.

4. Once all edits and Group assignments are complete, locate the top level Group ActiveWord for the Shared WordBase, right click on it and select “Share.” Navigate the “Save as” dialog to the Shared WordBase network location and save, over writing the pre-existing Shared WordBase file.

5. The admin should then select the top-level Group ActiveWord for the Shared WordBase, right click on it and select “Delete,” following the “Yes” and “Yes to all” prompts to delete all associated records from their local ActiveWords data. This last step assures the admin is working with the correct records the next time the Shared WordBase is edited.


After a few minutes, each ActiveWords client will see the assigned Shared Wordbase file has been updated, then silently and automatically update each local ActiveWords data file.


This video shows the steps:



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Migrating from an Earlier Version of Shared WordBase Manager


Installing ActiveWords Version 3 Build 3.10 and higher will remove Shared WordBase assignments created with earlier versions of the Shared WordBase Manager.


The administrator can convert the earlier ActiveWords data file (*.awb) used as a Shared WordBase by inserting it into the updated version of ActiveWords, then use "Share" as noted above to create a new version of the ActiveWords data file to be assigned as a Shared WordBase.


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Other Attributes of Shared WordBase Records


  • Saving ActiveWord records using the "Share..." feature in the ActiveWords client will ignore any records from an assigned Shared WordBase. That is, end users can't "Share" Shared WordBase records.

  • Shared Wordbases assigned in AWSharedWB.exe will be automatically removed from the local ActiveWords installations if either the file does not exist, or the path does not exist.

  • If the network path is not accessible, for example, due to physical disconnection from the network, Shared Wordbase records will remain in the ActiveWords client data file, allowing for laptop usage and network maintenance.
  • Records in an assigned Shared WordBase will over write records in the user's ActiveWords data file that contain an identical record identifier, or that contain identical content in the ActiveWord, Action, and Description fields.
  • Multiple Shared WordBases can be assigned. However, the administrator should take care that no assigned Shared WordBase contains records identical to those contained in another assigned Shared WordBase as to ActiveWord, Action, Decription, and/or record identifier. When an ActiveWord is created it is assigned a unique record identifier that travels with it as it may be included in different *.awb files.
  • In defining the network path of a Shared WordBase, it is recommended to use a UNC instead of a drive letter for network locations, i.e., "\\SERVER\Share\folder\sharedwb.awb" instead of "Z:\folder\sharedwb.awb."
  • If a Standard Windows user has mapped network drives these may not be visible in AWSharedWB.exe as it runs with elevated Administrative rights.
  • The ActiveWords data file assigned as a Shared WordBase must have read/write Security Permissions and the location should be accessible by the number of users having Shared WordBase assignments. 
  • Shared WordBase records in the ActiveWords client data file will be ignored by ActiveWords Sync.


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Improvements Over Prior Shared WordBase Manager:


  • Records included in local user ActiveWords data file along with personal ActiveWords, enabling "one stop" searches.

  • Automatic updates of Shared WordBase records for all users, assuring every user always has the "latest and greatest" shared ActiveWords.

  • Reduced traffic as the network is not polled every time a shared ActiveWord is triggered.

  • Unlimited number of clients connected to Shared WordBases.

  • Shared WordBases can now contain RTF and HTML substitutions.

  • Shared WordBase record are now active when the user is disconnected from the network (laptop usage, for example).

  • Reliability and speed when triggering Shared WordBase records is improved as shared records are in the local ActiveWords user data file.