ActiveWords Version 3

Download ActiveWords Version 3.

Version 3 Upgrade Policy and Details.

Version 3 includes these
new features and benefits:


Focused on you - Version 3 was built around the idea that your ActiveWords belong to you. Version 3 increases the value of your ActiveWords by syncing them across your Windows computers and by including import and export functionality. Your ActiveWords are always available, sharable, and transferable.


Cloud Sync - Automatically synchronize your ActiveWords between all your Windows computers. Click the "Help" button on the "Sync" tab of the "Options" dialog  or this link for more information.


Revised User Interface - All ActiveWords lists now include search tools.


  • "View ActiveWords" is now "All ActiveWords" so you can now instantly search your entire WordBase.
  • Each list view (All ActiveWords, Groups, and search results) includes search tools so you can easily and quickly search within the current view.



New Shared WordBase Manager for the Enterprise - Create sets of ActiveWords under administrative control to share among teams. Learn more here.


Automatic Software Updating - You will always have the latest software updates and in keeping with the new annual license policy, all updated and upgrades are free.


Import and Export


  • Import sets of ActiveWords you define. Examples include stock quotes for each security in your portfolio and substitutions of institutional nomenclature such as "cpa" expanding to "Certified Public Accountant."
  • Export ActiveWords you create to an XML file.


Suggestions - The performance of automatic suggestions to add ActiveWords is improved and the history of suggestions is synced between devices to avoid suggestions for items you have already acted on with one device as you work on another device.


Annual Licenses - This licensing model assure you always have the latest software and allows us to continue to support development and avoid legacy issues as older versions become obsolete. All software updates and upgrades are free under the annual license policy.


Version 3 is supported on Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows Vista. ActiveWords versions previous to 3 are not supported on Windows 10.


Download ActiveWords Version 3.

Version 3 Upgrade Policy